A gathering of children and relatives that filled the hall of Fernandina Bar and Restaurant cherished the moment with the celebrant on his 75th birthday celebration with the mood music of Augustine Music and Events and program hosted by Mario Lupato.

Touching moments reverberated the air with the messages of the children who mostly arrived from the states with their kids and of course, helped for the preparations. The program was handed to me an hour before the program started and suggested some inclusions like their participation of the program. The celebrant's two daughters did fantastic song numbers displaying real voice quality of the good ones and a grandchild did a special song for him singing an apt song, “Thank you.”

Another highlight was when the grandchildren did a special scintillating dance number to our delight. But the best part was when the celebrant did his message summarizing a life bringing up professional children of eight. Two are here in the Philippines and the rest arrived from the states to grace an important event on the life of their father, Mr. Quintin Exevea Macaculop.

I love doing an intimate affair like birthdays where ostentatious displays are none but nothing beats wedding events where serious work is required and careful preparations are implemented and being in line with wedding event services, we from Augustine Music and Events make sure that we know what we are doing to the best of our knowledge.