It was a Saturday trip for a wedding at Tagaytay that took us 3 hours to reach the place timely for the sound system set-up for the ceremony at 6:00 pm. When we reached the breathtaking haven, the wedding coordinators were already around doing the final touches of the wedding ceremony area and the reception venue.

The wedding musicians who came from Manila arrived timely for prelude music as the bridal entourage was assembled ready for the processional march and the bridal music for a silver wedding anniversary amidst the lush of greens and trees surrounding the huge hacienda.

The couple arrived from the states with close relatives and friends around to witness a solemn Catholic Wedding ceremony and festive reception.

The ceremony started at 6:15 pm and provided wedding music and songs for the ceremony and reception. We played mostly Pilipino music as advised for the pictorial and after the wedding ceremony, we performed special Filipino music from their song list as they proceeded for a brief cocktail before the wedding reception program started.

The wedding program was hosted by the best friend of the bride and acknowledged the presence of those who arrived from the states with some introductions for the guests to know and trivia games involving the guests that prolonged the program together by doing the 25 roses where a message was given for each rose before it was handed. The wedding program lasted more than three hours with the usual flair but the program host made it lengthier with more names called for some messages for the couple. But it was an experience. The consolation we had was we were mesmerized with the place. I never thought that such a place existed.

We were back to Manila together with the ever-enduring wedding musicians who provided top popular music from the Philippines and beautiful romantic wedding songs and music for both the ceremony and reception.