Hush! I hear a beautiful melody that rings

Merging thoughts of something yearning

To listen for it tells a wonderful meaning

A wedding song of truth that keeps my faith burning


Alas! It keeps me serene

For the melody so touching it seems

Lilting my soul and beams

What beauty is seen


Few more days, my friend is your wedding

The music in your ears afloating

I know you’ve chosen a wedding song so caring

That speaks about you upon learning


Your love one is there to feel

What it means when you say what’s real

Even the message of the song that heals

There your love as one is sealed


Now the time is near and see your glow

Humming your favorite song as sincerely flows

The music from the soul it makes thoughts grow

For joy is not only mine to show.


Now is your wedding day

And see you walk amidst the brilliance of a ray

With the beautiful melody’s something to say

All our congratulations on a golden plate of tray