The wedding reception was scheduled for 5 pm but guests arrived past 6 pm slowly filling the hall of Sala Filipina that can accommodate 200 guests. Typically, the hall is Hispanic  reminiscent of the Spanish era perfect for a romantic theme without much flair to flaunt. Just the photographic setting speaks volume. 

The music by a versatile pianist and competent singer despite the average sound system added casual classic performance. Sometimes, that happens but being a trouper, we make do what's there. We never blame the technician. We suggest a thing or two to improve the sound. 

Performing with just a pianist is comforting. He can express a style hand in hand with the singer worth recommending for a classic ambiance like an old-refined hall. It has certain touch to a wedding reception.

The wedding of Joel and Camille was remarkable. The guests were relaxed and enjoyed the camaraderie among friends and relatives who came to spice a special affair - a wedding to remember. For me a simple wedding stands out, if done the right way. And the wedding where we shared our music and hosted the wedding reception program were sincerely handed doing the best we can after hectic wedding unrelated morning activities. 

But the evening wedding soiree at Sala Filipina boosted the artists in us. Cheers to the newlyweds!