Upon the breath of time rules the coming of a performance

The magic of hand crafts piece from a musician

To share the legal beauty of music for someone

Who appreciates the dazzling score at hand


Everyday I hear the sound of wonderland

Repeating the rhyme from a wedding music band

With eyes closed feeling the easy beat as it runs

Leading me to dreamland


Ah, such anxiety’s gone

From the touch of an artist’s brand

Even sleepily as he strands

But the joy of passion is never bland


Comes now the voice of an angel so grand

Captivating everyone like an artist from France

Where uniquely formed song translates as trance

Mesmerizes like grand theme from Cannes


But wedding music from the heart is never done

Always comes from that splendid catch of a man

Who knows marital theme even they say there’s none

There, the melody creeps, such great fun