A little earlier to start the wedding ceremony at 3pm but the place of ceremony is cozy and cool enough to house a bigger crowd but the guests seemed many as they scattered  themselves rather than grouping  together for the wedding ceremony. Filipinos love to join their friends and relatives that’s why the couple intends to invite mostly friends and relatives. But when the mass started they moved closer nearer the altar that seemed nice to watch after all. You could now watch a myriad of different colors of blue, yellow, pink and green gowns especially in one aisle where the members of the entourage had their posh styles matching their presence together with the young, good-looking male entourage in suits.

The couple had their wedding songs and music list for the members of Augustine Music and Events to perform and as the need arouse doing them with the usual style combining solemnity and pure modern melody as their choices fit. Music really makes or breaks a wedding day and for us gifted with subtle ear for right music, nothing goes wrong -  a trademark from outstanding wedding musicians of Manila, Philippines that can stand beside seasoned performers of the highest caliber. Filipino Musicians are one of the best in the world.

Well, the ceremony turned really that nice, without those distracting car and jeepney honking because St. James The Great Church is located in a posh haven where silence is evident and where distractions are nil. A fit ceremonial ground for a solemn wedding rituals. And that special day of March 31 was one true wedding.

It took the rituals more than an hour and no rushing happened. The next event was a mass scheduled for 5pm and ample time for the guests to have souvenir shots with the couple before proceeding to the venue at Bellvue Hotel, 20 minutes travel to reach the reception area. There was no hustle for us musicians because the program proper would start a little late around 6:30 pm and no need for us to join the cocktail that followed after the wedding ceremony.

Before the wedding reception program started, wedding musicians of repute did jazz music to liven the air as guests were received hand in hand with photo-booth sessions where they had their fun photos taken and served as souvenirs from the couple. The foyer is a comfortable to be in moving around because of the wider space despite tables set for the cocktail. Still, there was big room to chat and move around before the program started.

So, at the specified time I started my spiels as the wedding program host doing it the easy flair I am comfortable doing and enjoying the moment with the couple and guests. They had their program for me to handle and had the sheer fun with. The program run a little longer than I used to be doing but the involvement of the guests kept me going without realizing the time that progressed that long and the guests stayed for dancing. And dancing time did happen filling the dance floor with led and laser light hovering around amidst the darkness. Even the kids had their share of fun dancing to their innocent hearts’ desire.

Wedding destination is an experience that cracks the memory out for us wedding musicians and event wedding planners to always put to writing to remember and having the time immediately pushes me for some notes. That measures how we can go about improving as a team for we have some flaws to correct. But the sincerity arises and expresses as we go about doing the best we can – doing weddings.