Supposedly, it was a Christian garden ceremony but because of the incoming typhoon the couple decided to do it indoor and all guests were informed timely to start the ceremony around 5pm inside the Colonial Hall of Fernbrook Gardens that typifies golden splendor. Music prelude was performed by Augustine Music before the rites began expecting some other guests. The wedding musicians kept playing until the ceremony started.


The first to enter was an American Pastor before the procession began. A relative of the groom sang during the processional march and when the bride walked the aisle, a popular song as instrumental music was rendered by the remarkable musicians of the Philippines. The wedding rites went so well and some touching moments where the couple on their own words exchanged wedding vows.


During the lighting of the candle and signing of contract, Augustine Music performed the most requested wedding music, “Canon in D”. It is the most popular music for weddings not only Catholic weddings or Christian weddings but all rites where solemnity is called for. Maybe, another composition will emerge and also become top wedding music that can withstand the test of time like Canon in D that has been used for 150 years and it is still being used for weddings.


The Multinational Baptist Church Choir took over during the pictorial as we proceeded to the reception venue ready for our music when the guests were received. The pictorial for thirty minutes and the guests kept coming as we performed popular requested reception music.


The wedding reception program started with the brother of the groom and the brother of the bride hosting the program. There were some lull moments but wedding music from wedding musicians filled them doing their favorites. Being young couple, their wedding music list were of the popular foreign music without any Filipino music. Well, that was their choice and being the performers must do what they want with a little suggestion to music choices but still theirs prevail.


The prepared wedding program went well and a little longer than expected but more guests still stayed ready for the DJ for some dance music, also to enjoy the myriad of colors scattered all around.


Weddings in the Philippines are romantic in nature and a great time to meet old friends and relatives from far and near to share lavish feast prepared by the couple. It is also a time where best clothes are worn, expensive jewelries are displayed and the best you standing with the rest celebrating the best wedding possible with beautiful music floating in the air, all wedding suppliers giving the best service at hand but most of all anticipating the marital bliss for the newlyweds.


Best wedding music, popular love songs, best food, solemn wedding ceremony, well-prepared wedding program, unique wedding souvenirs, wedding gifts for the couple and all that you can think about making a wedding day truly a special dream wedding is there for you at hand. A Filipino Wedding is kept to last forever.