Once upon a time, there was a Filipino engagement that took place in Manila, Philippines who vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives and now ready to receive the sacred sacrament of marriage.

She woke up one morning and saw that the world was bright enough to enjoy and having said her thanks for another day, the lady went to do the first wedding checklist on hand for two months from now, she will be married to the one she loves. Both had planned their big day for almost six months now and they were on the final touches piecing together the most important wedding considerations. They were both busy with their jobs and slaved themselves to gather enough for a conceptualized DREAM wedding foremost on their minds.

One day, the groom-to-be complained of migraine and future bride sensed it. "Come to rest", said she. "Let me handle the preparations today and tomorrow you can help me", the bride-to-be sincerely said. "Do you have any suggestion what kind of flowers we'll have?" asked the future bride. "Lets opt for red roses", said he. "They are cheaper!” She agreed. So, she hurried herself to Dapitan to attend for flowers. She knew it would be fine for both. Their tastes didn’t clash for they love the combination of white and red as their wedding theme color.

The following day, they went early to Divisoria now that the future groom was ready on his toes. He was eager to carry out buying100 wedding favors and to look for a barong for the future groom knew they were much cheaper there and many to choose from.

Both had their choices and problem was nil. The box of wedding souvenirs was not that heavy, so took more time to scour for something else they fancy. All of a sudden, they thought of fireworks and party poppers. For fireworks, they opted for firecrackers and reflecting to use for their grand entrance walking amidst the firing crackles held by the members of the entourage together with confetti poppers of different shiny colors scattered proceeding to their seats.

It took them around three hours doing their rounds and had their snack in a small crowded Chinese Canteen and devoured a special lomi with lots of liver and some shrimps making it an authentic special Cantonese dish.

They got home nearly six pm, put aside what they bought and rested for tomorrow would be another day.

Instinctively, they were aware that planning a wedding could be done unhurriedly for both knew the value of time and making use of it was paramount.