July 20, 2013
The happy feeling seeing a grandson grows and develops is treasure even the hardships felt rearing one ached my bones and stole time. Still, even a minor improvement is monumental. Every act my grandson  does is etched on mind and kept finding ways to let him find the joy of being innocent even at a tender age of a year and two months. But amazingly, he tricks me and his grandma to get attention, especially for his grandma.

I have to make sure that he grows properly with the guidance of his parents. Being with him is sheer joy. I will be posting his development for some other time.



July 20, 2013
Unfair comment as blame from someone's is heart-tearing knowing you did the best for a performance but people who find the slightest fault make them joyous. It happened to us for the second time and I accept the blame for sending performers for one of my schedules knowing not fully the music head of the group. I based my trust being a musician myself.

I learned a great lesson from this and promised not to sacrifice quality of what we have kept from performances, even I needed the moolah out of it.

Well, if it marked discontent the best we can do is to better the service we offer and choose right people to do the work. Still, there are musicians around who can give the quality music deserving to anyone



March 18, 2013
The travel was long, the visit was short but the spirit lasts. That was an opportune moment of March 16, 2013 at the Kamay ni Jesus Grotto in Lukban, Quezon. It was a spiritual journey with Manong Joe and Manong Lito who had their spirits high as they climbed the 300 stairs to the top where a huge image of Jesus with majestically proffered hands.

They had their silent commune with HIM and enough respite for their soul. God Bless!



February 20, 2013
A wedding song applies always for the ceremony through the reception but careful choices are required during the wedding ceremony especially for a Catholic church wedding. It is required that only liturgical song or music is performed.

An offertory song has to be short and meaningful. The sacredness is felt when proper choice is made with a rendition by wedding musicians and a wedding singer interpreting the message.

A Wedding Reception at Sala Filipina

October 23, 2012
The wedding reception was scheduled for 5 pm but guests arrived past 6 pm slowly filling the hall of Sala Filipina that can accommodate 200 guests. Typically, the hall is Hispanic  reminiscent of the Spanish era perfect for a romantic theme without much flair to flaunt. Just the photographic setting speaks volume. 

The music by a versatile pianist and competent singer despite the average sound system added casual classic performance. Sometimes, that happens but being a trouper, we make do what's there. We never blame the technician. We suggest a thing or two to improve the sound. 

Performing with just a pianist is comforting. He can express a style hand in hand with the singer worth recommending for a classic ambiance like an old-refined hall. It has certain touch to a wedding reception.

The wedding of Joel and Camille was remarkable. The guests were relaxed and enjoyed the camaraderie among friends and relatives who came to spice a special affair - a wedding to remember. For me a simple wedding stands out, if done the right way. And the wedding where we shared our music and hosted the wedding reception program were sincerely handed doing the best we can after hectic wedding unrelated morning activities. 

But the evening wedding soiree at Sala Filipina boosted the artists in us. Cheers to the newlyweds!

Just A Wedding Story To Tell

October 1, 2012

The father was obviously keyed up about his daughter's wedding just few days more and preparations were done mostly by him with the presence of the future bride and equally edgy mother. They had made the major preparations and opted to add pizazz for the big day by engaging with wedding musicians.

The father of the future bride decided to get us from comparisons made and a week after, the lovely daughter forwarded me the music list closes to their hearts and some were not familiar to us so we did the usual searching of pieces but failed. Good Youtube provides the avenue for musicians or artists to learn the melody for possible delivery of their chosen songs.

The day of the wedding rolled up. I left the house three hours prior to the wedding because traffic is terrible during Saturdays along Edsa. Much to my alarm, it was the worst traffic I encountered. I immediately called my pianist to help me in case I would be late by asking the church singer to take over, if late. I felt appeased that it was possible.

I reached the church in Sucat just in time for the Offertory to sing their requested wedding song. And I felt better.

After the ceremony, another travel time for the reception at Leslie's, a stone walled restaurant with antique woods flourishing the place. A distinctive wedding reception venue, I can say.

The program started a bit late just to gather all guests before commencing. It was a wonderful wedding to start with. Not much flair of a program but the music from Augustine Music and Events did their sincere share of making the event a marvel and some guests with their wonderful renditions of the couple's favorite songs. It completed the night. Even the bride did a wonderful song for her love one and for the guests. She was brave enough to sing a difficult song with our accompaniment.

To end casually, Godspeed for the couple!


An Intimate Wedding Experience

September 21, 2012

An afternoon wedding set for two lovely couple where friends and relatives came despite the rain on a Tuesday. When the ceremony started, the rain stopped for added comfort for those who came a little late when the bride had her walk with the song of Taylor Swift played on a CD. The church choir did the mass songs during the ceremony and for the pictorials, the Augustine Music and Events musicians rendered some songs and music.


Allen and Aira werere indeed happy celebrating their wedding with close relatives and friends amidst  the beautiful church of Our Lady of Consolacion Parish in Tierra Pura, Quezon City. This is one place where serenity is found, especially weddings.


The reception is adjacent from church. The Bulwagang Recoletos can seat 200 guests when all rooms are opened. It is intended for small group divided into three rooms but you can occupy the whole hall, if desired. Wedding reception here offers convenience for guests and just steps lead you to a well-maintained venue really intended for various functions of any kind – weddings, debut, birthdays and seminars.


The couple opted for simple music with just a piano and flute with a wedding singer and program host. They had special guest during the reception who played two classical music with his violin. Guests who offer special numbers during the reception add spice to the festivity and more to the delight of the couple, for sure. The violinist added spice for a share.


The Reyes and Gulpeo wedding is another experience for us performers or we can say dedicated wedding musicians doing the best we can no matter what. We also accept the fact that at times we falter with the work we do but foremost in our minds is to contribute gaiety to an affair with the brand of music we share. Augustine Music and Events plays a part of this by providing songs and music, as well as running the wedding reception program devised by the couple.


We want to thank Allen and Aira for affording us the honor as a part of a well prepared wedding. From the bottom of our hearts, Godspeed!



September 16, 2012

The Little Sisters of The Poor, an international Religious congregation, in Pasay City run a home for the elderly where we performed for a birthday celebration at their main function room. More tables outside the hall for other guests were provided. A special place was set for the elderly for their entertainment.

The house is for older people, 65 years and above, who are abandoned, others found on streets  and the rest turned over by the Department of Social Welfare to the Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor.  They depend on God’s Providence working through generous benefactors.  It is such a relief that a place like this exists for elders who need comfort and a sort of longing until their last moment.  And nuns can do the sincerest task for them.

My brother, Manny Lupato, had an interlude with one dying woman with no relative to be found and his story pinched my very soul. She also asked for Ensure milk and my brother handed an undisclosed bill to one of the sisters to grant her simple wish. It’s such an experience for him and signalled me a lesson.

Well, we as music artists did the best we can to liven the party with not only upbeat songs and music but some love songs. Others joined by rendering some songs for the celebrant and some dance numbers that surprised Jessielyn, the birthday girl.

Augustine Music and Events performs all kinds of music and songs that fit the theme of the celebration. We do their music requests on the spot or they can perform them with the able hands of great Philippine Musicians who are not only into weddings but all events requiring music entertainment.

Such relief was felt for another experience sharing our love of music. Someday we will go back at The Little Sisters of The Poor Home to serenade the elderly with songs of the past.


Experience with Themes & Motifs

September 13, 2012

Themes & Motifs paves a way for big and small wedding suppliers to showcase what they can offer and for us trying to find a niche in the wedding industry is an awakening. Glad that they offer such gigantic approach for everybody to get a chance or I can say, a way to discovery.

My group, Augustine Music and Events had realized  a part where we as professionals and passionate of what we do best are slowly gaining a certain mark, small maybe but the tract is fielded.  The two bridal fairs we joined were start for us excluding the work we put from other ways merging to an easier searched group.

Wedding musicians and Event Planners as we are dubbed to really put the title as real test of the best we do. Perfection is not claimed but the sincerity of what we do is palpable from all works we do and proud to say that foremost in our minds is to make a wedding event worth celebrating with our contribution.

Well, you all are aware that the best comes from people who love what they do and Themes & Motifs scores so high and Augustine Music and Events is an honest group who thinks the best - and the best comes from believing one’s capability. It grows, for sure. And we are a part of growth.

Lastly, thank you Themes & Motifs for extended help shared for many. Godspeed.


A Wedding of Two People Deeply In Love

August 29, 2012

A wedding destination was set for a 2 pm at a quaint church in Silang, Cavite a distance away from a rough road but the grandeur of Antonio de Padua Church stands as a solemn replica  for devotion. The place is such a delight to watch and have photos with. It really started on time with wedding musicians of Augustine Music and Events doing the solemn music from the processional march down to the recessional march. A relative did the bridal march singing their favorite song.

Almost all where teary eyed when the marital vows were exchanged by Ace and Melissa and spoke of their true love with each other despite their differences. There was no music opted and their words of love revealed their intense feeling for each other. It is such delight watching a wedding where guests don’t make much hush making solemn of a place. And this intensify a romantic set-up matching a certain wedding theme with the couple’s favorite songs and music played by dedicated musicians of the Philippines.

The wedding reception was held at Teofely’s Garden located near the national highway going to Tagaytay and fascinated by the place. You have to walk through a slim road but not that far to reach the venue but the moment you step into the entrance beholds such neat and wide space fit for many guests especially weddings. The wedding program started a bit late to catch up with shimmery light of darkness for a romantic feel of the place and it was indeed a very cozy wedding affair with the usual program where traditions are met, messages said, music played and games spiced up the celebration.

From our side, being performers of any affair, we enjoyed the moment having explored another unique kind of a wedding reception venue. This is another wedding destination fulfilled by Augustine Music and Events.





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