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World Class Performance by A Wedding Supplier Philippines

Posted by Mario Lupato on Wednesday, June 27, 2012, In : INFORMATION 
Light jazz music is the easiest to perform not because of the melody but the freedom to express the message of the piece. It also calls for musician who has the passion to interpret the song or music in line with the vocal rendition matching the feel of the singer to create the magic of a song. 
It doesn't require you to be musically schooled to perform such a feat. It also needs the ear for sentiment inherent in each of us. The more sensitive you are, the better performer can you be. 
Well, mu...

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Bridal Fair Shares

Posted by Mario Lupato on Monday, June 25, 2012, In : Wedding Supplier 
Joining bridal fair or exhibit contributes a portion of possible business for you. It marks a percentage from total share where internet searches still top for your business to be found. True, joining fair costs money but it helps in any manner possible. Having extra budget helps for you to join such. 

Most of my inquiries are online but I don't discredit the presence of getting lead sales from a bridal exhibit. From such fair, business materials are disposed off and many surely visits serving...

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Wedding Supplier Philippines - Augustine Music and Events

Posted by Mario Lupato on Friday, June 22, 2012, In : INFORMATION 
Establishing oneself as premiere wedding supplier requires strategy and exposure. It encompasses not only what you can share but the uniqueness of the service or product you offer. The internet is so vast that no matter how good you are in promoting your website, for example doesn't create magic. Hard work is required. Technical know how is needed. Common sense is important. 

Of course, the famous words Search Engine Optimization as most webmasters know play pivotal role. It leads a way for vi...

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Wedding Planning Eased by Augustine Music and Events

Posted by Mario Lupato on Tuesday, June 19, 2012, In : WEDDINGS 
He came from Saudi Arabia and she arrived from Macau to tie the knot at St. Pancratius Chapel, Paco Park having the members of Augustine Music and Events doing the errands of a dedicated wedding coordinator with the wedding musicians adding flavor to the package chosen by the couple on their wedding of June 16, 2012.

Wedding reception was held at the Ibarra's Garden, Padre Faura with a program approved by the couple for us to deliver hand in hand with the wedding coordinators who were always o...

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Thank You Note For Tagaytay Highlands

Posted by Mario Lupato on Tuesday, June 12, 2012, In : INFORMATION 

This is Mario Lupato from Augustine Music and Events sending a message to Gil Petilos who helped us when we had a mishap in Tagaytay Highlands that happened on June 10, 2012 on way for the DeLeon-Maniquiz Wedding at Madre de Dios.

From our grateful hearts we want to thank you together with the security people who sincerely extended great assistance without expecting anything in return. I can't end thanking them and we know God will reward such goodness.

Also, we want to thank Jackie and her ...

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Wedding Coordinator's Travail - Augustine Music and Events

Posted by Mario Lupato on Wednesday, June 6, 2012, In : WEDDINGS 

As a wedding coordinator, it's imperative to consider time management and going to attend the job earlier than expected reduces stress for both bride and the wedding planner. More so when it is an out-of-town service where time catches and being at the right time means more space to do what is required of you and better judgement when amiss. It reserves you ample space to do the bidding for accomplished planning and implementation of what's needed. And there you are, the expert wedding coord...

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